About Us

Established in 1961 with humble roots in Brooklyn, NY; the company has grown into a highly respected Real Estate company with multi-national breadth.  Our company has developed a unique mastery of the Brooklyn multi-family market and has evolved as a pillar in the Park Slope community for which we have served for nearly 50 years.  Indeed, our consistent and reliable presence and genuine concern for the unique character, architecture, and sense of community in these neighborhoods has played a pivotal role in the revitalization of this once under-served section of New York City.  We take great pride in our substantial contribution to the explosive resurgence of Park Slope.
Our long standing presence in Park Slope is a reflection of the constant maintenance and conscientious management of all of our properties.  We take care and concern to maintain the unique character of our apartments and the neighborhood at large, with particular attention to restoring original details and architectural woodwork.  In fact, our vacancy rate is historically well below general market trends and frequently  tenants return to one of our apartments after moving back to NYC. 
Our unique perspective of Real Estate; the culmination of nearly 50 years of experience and analytical prowess gives us an edge in maximizing our investments while maintaining a stellar reputation as a company driven by morals and ethics.